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"Calling Hearts To The Living Christ"


Join us this Sunday for Worship with
Holy Communion
at 10:00 a.m.
Nursery available


Sunday School begins September 8th

Adults 8:45 a.m.
Early Beleivers
for Children

Pastor Ralph's
Weekly Update
October 31, 2019


15 Clinton Heights Ave.
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 267-4991
(One block south of N Broadway on N. High St.)

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Welcome To Clinton Heights Lutheran Church

2019 CHLC Church Council
Front Row: John Botkin, Monica Ray, Hillary Lorton, Holly Lorton, Martha Ratliff
Second Row: Kevin Kelley, Steve Hainen, Kenn Cahill, Eva Cahill
Third Row: Pastor Ralph Wolfe, Ryan Miller, Randy Ketcham, Jabe Miller
Not Pictured: Jason Zander

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

The mission of Clinton Heights Lutheran Church is summed up in our initials - CHLC: Calling Hearts to the Living Christ. Through worship, Christian Education, fellowship and service, our church family is committed to reaching out to all who yearn to  experience God's presence in their lives. On the pages of this website, you will see much of the programmatic ministry that goes on within and outside of our walls, but what I have experienced is that the real strength of Clinton Heights is its people. We are a group of friendly, welcoming Christians, forgiven by the grace of God, eager to share the joy that we have experienced with others.

While our building may have a few confusing twists and turn, our mission to Call Hearts to the Living Christ is clear cut. Please know that you are welcome to join us for any and all of the activities and gatherings of our congregation, and may God bless you this day.

 Pastor Ralph Wolfe


Clinton Heights Lutheran Church proudly welcomes all. Our building and congregation support the local community providing meeting space and resources that make a big community impact. During worship services on Sunday morning, as well as community gatherings during the week, the building serves as a safe space for people to share in fellowship and in faith.

The sanctuary, meeting rooms, and parish hall of Clinton Heights Lutheran Church see a high volume of activity throughout the week.

• CAC – Clintonville Area Commission Zoning & Variance Committee meets in our education wing.
• Girl Scouts – The local troop meets in our education wing.
• Dance Groups – No less than 8 local dance groups use our parish hall to gather and dance. Scandy Dancers, Vintage Dancers, Columbus Folk Dancers, Scottish Folk Dancers, English Country Dancers, Selo Dancers, Square Dancers, and Swing Dancers. Our wooden floor and low rental fee give them something to dance about.
• Clintonville Community Choir
• CRC Kids Club – An income based after school and summer youth program.
• Piano Recitals – Several local piano teachers use our Sanctuary to host recitals.
• Community Garden – Our congregation grows produce in our community garden and donates it to Clintonville Resource Center.
• Candidates Night – During the local election cycle, CHLC hosts a candidates night where local candidates running for office can meet the community and share their vision as well as some company and a bowl of chili.
• Community Meal
• Right next to Clinton Elementary School, our parking lot serves as overflow parking for parents as they attend student events.
• And that’s just April - Check our Calendar: http://www.clintonheights.net/calendar.htm

As the wear and tear on the building continues, the Church Council at Clinton Heights has determined that a few key repairs need to be made in order to remain a valuable asset to our congregation and the Clintonville community.

1. Roof fixes costing approximately $5,000 will address issues over the education wing and Sanctuary to prolong the life of the roof and prepare for full replacement sometime in the future.

2. Lighting repairs will cost approximately $12,000 to replace ALL Sanctuary fixtures with LED bulbs. The current fixtures use 250 watt halogen bulbs and have damaged (melted) the wiring.

3. Painting the Sanctuary walls will cost $3,000; and painting the exterior Education Wing will cost $5,000.