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LSS Food Pantry
Souper Bowl Of Caring


Hello folks,

Here is the link to the "Big Reveal" of the results of our friendly competition with Advent Lutheran to benefit the LSS Food Pantry through the Souper Bowl of Caring.


Hello folks,

Well, the challenge has been made and the stakes are set.

We are currently collecting donations for the LSS Food Pantry so that we include them in our count on February 7, for the Souper Bowl of Caring! Each food item counts as one point, and each dollar will count as 4 points - this is to remind everyone that LSS can buy $5.25 worth of food for every dollar you or I would spend, so it really is better buying power just to give them money!

After live-streaming our worship service that morning, I will drive to Advent Lutheran Church where their service will still be going on - they begin at 10:30. At the end of their service Pastor Layne and I will reveal on camera the totals from each of our congregations, written on a sealed piece of paper. I will also stream this part on Facebook Live as well. The "winning" congregation can celebrate, and the loser can prepare for what is next ....

Which is ....

You are invited to participate in "Sermon Mad Libs." You do this by going to this page:


Once there, you can add five words or phrases which the "losing" pastor has to include in his sermon on February 14 based on the spin of the "Wheel of Words".
The above link also has a brief video on what exactly we are doing. Words can be church related - sin, grace, love, mercy ... or you can get crazy and creative and challenge us .... how would we use the word kangaroo or antidisestablishmentarianism, or moist?

Submit your words AND remember to send your checks made out to Clinton Heights to
15 Clinton Heights Ave.
Columbus, Oh 43202.

Put a memo that it is for the food pantry and/or Souper Bowl. We must receive them before February 7 to be counted in the competition. You can also bring cash or a check to the church this Sunday if you are coming for the Annual Meeting, or drop it by during office hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m..

The hungry folks of central Ohio who receive food for their table will be the winners as we generously support this wonderful outreach in our community ... with friendly competition and a sense of humor!

Pastor Wolfe