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The Bellringer
May 2019


May 5
11:15 a.m.

May 7, 14, 28
Lesson Study
11:00 a.m.
No Study on May 21

May 8
Lydia Ruth Circle
10:00 a.m.

May 13
Community Meal
6:00 p.m.

May 11
Men’s Bible Study at Panera
9:00 a.m.

May 12
Music Appreciation Sunday

May 14
Mary Martha Circle
7:00 p.m.

May 19
Sunday of Baptism & Confirmation


Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Join us for coffee and conversation in the parlor
before and after Sunday School and Worship.

Sunday School:
Through May 19
Adults – 8:45 a.m
Children – 9:00 a.m.



From Pastor Wolfe

April 21 was the day that we joined Christians around the world to celebrate Easter. For many of us “Mainline Christians” Easter is not merely one day, it is a season of fifty days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost – the Greek word that means, “fifty.” Even though every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection, this Easter Season is a time when we focus our scripture readings and worship themes with a strong emphasis on the resurrection. You may have also noticed that the Sunday following Easter Day features the reading of the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples on Easter evening when they are locked behind closed doors out of fear. All the disciples are there except Thomas. He refuses to believe that Jesus was really alive again until he gets the same opportunity that the other ten did. Because of this he has gotten the title of “Doubting Thomas.” We even call people who don’t believe things that we tell them “Doubting Thomases.” Seems like a bit of a bad rap …

We still believe and proclaim that Jesus is alive and active in our world today through the power of the Holy Spirit and especially in the activities of the Christian Church. Unfortunately, many in the world are doubting Thomases … many folks only see the evil or even just the indifference of the world and refuse to believe in the risen Jesus. That is why it is so important that we Christians live out our identity as The Body of Christ on earth today. How do we do this? Quite simply, it is by living according to what Jesus said was the greatest commandment: To love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. All other commandments stand or fall on the basis of love. Love is and should be the ruler against which we measure our words and actions toward others, according to Jesus.
A few years ago a friend of mine said, “Today, you may be the only Bible people read. You may be the only Jesus people see.” In a world of doubt and fear, sin and division, hatred, hunger and poverty, the Body of Christ is called to proclaim a risen Jesus not primarily by literal preaching, but by the way we live and relate to people every day of our lives. Certainly, perfectly living by the love commandment is impossible for anyone to do … except Jesus, and that got him strung up on a cross. But we are still called to strive to make love our primary motivation, knowing that when others witness our loving acts, they are actually witnessing the presence of the risen Christ in the world today.

We will gather to celebrate the resurrection every Sunday, especially in the Easter Season. In addition, we are called to welcome all who want to join us. We are then encouraged to go from our doors into this world as the Body of Christ, sometimes the only Jesus that people will meet. Being forgiven when we fall short, but always striving to live by the rule of love. May the love of Jesus rule in your hearts, and may others witness the living Christ in you today!

THANK YOU to everyone for the abundant ingathering of 63 bottles of cooking oil given during Lent. This key cooking staple will be much appreciated by the Lutheran
Social Services Food Pantries.


The Clinton Heights Prayer Circle is a group of women from our congregation who regularly pray for those who wish to have intercessory prayers said for them or their friends or loved ones. If you desire this loving support please contact Pastor Wolfe or e-mail your request to Jeanne Kiser at songbird4758@sbcglobal.net or call her at 614-370-0407. You and your concerns will not be discussed among members of the group, and your privacy will be strictly guarded. Prayers that you submit on Sunday mornings or prayers you request from Pastor do not automatically go to the Prayer Circle unless you specifically request them to. You can become a member of the Prayer Circle by contacting Pastor Wolfe.


Arvin Donner, CRC Volunteer Coordinator, has a re-occurring volunteer opportunity for an able-bodied person (or persons) who has a good-sized vehicle and available to help pick up grocery donations on Mondays and Fridays. Volunteers must be able to comfortably lift produce and groceries. They report to the food pantry, then head over to the Target on Sawmill Rd. to get the donations and return to the pantry where others will help unload. If you are interested, contact Arvin Donner (cell: 614-329-7095 or office: 614-268-3539).


On Sunday, May 5, we remember in prayer all children who are victims of violence and abuse. Rachel’s Day is an annual event sponsored by WELCA to emphasize our concern and Christian love for all children, especially those who are victims of violence. The Rev. Dr. Jim Wilson will be our special speaker this year.


The monthly gathering of the Panera Bible Study will be on Saturday, May 11, at 9:00 a.m. This month we read and discuss Jesus’ directive that we all take up the cross and follow him from Matthew 16:13-28. We have a regular crew of about 4-6 gentlemen, but our table can be extended and all are welcome! We wrap up with prayer at 10:30.


Our next monthly Community Meal is Monday, May 13, at 6:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for fellowship with folks from our neighborhood. Please join us. If you’d like to help in the preparation, see Martha Ratliff or Carol Myers.


On Sunday, May 19, Mara Baca-Sellers will become a member of the Christian church through the sacrament of Holy Baptism at the 10:00 worship service. Also at that service, Mara will join Maddie Hainen, Claire LaBuhn and Elena Miller by affirming their baptismal faith and becoming confirmed members of Clinton Heights Lutheran Church. Please make plans to join us for this joyous day in the life of these young ladies and our congregation.


On Sunday, June 2, our congregation will recognize our High School graduates in worship. Phil Hangen, Catherine Kelley, Brett LaBuhn, Hannah Wolfe and Iris Woodward are this year’s grads. We pray that God will continue to bless these young men and women as they all move on to college.

Members and Friends of Clinton Heights Lutheran Church

With the overwhelming support given at our Special Congregational Meeting on Palm Sunday, we are moving forward with our fundraising program to repair our roof, replace our sanctuary lights and perform needed painting projects. Our goal is to ultimately raise $25,000 for these repairs – out of financial necessity - this fundraising has to be independent of our ongoing Church budget needs. We hope that you will please prayerfully consider making a special donation for this cause.
There are envelopes in the pews marked “Building Fund” that may be used for this purpose. Likewise, any envelope or check simply needs to be labeled in some form “Fundraiser” or “Building Fund” to ensure that it is targeted for this cause. Contributions may be made at any time and for any amount. We have also created a GoFundMe account at https://www.gofundme.com/supportCHLC While this online effort primarily targets the community outside CHLC, we encourage you to share the information with others and/or utilize this internet site if preferred.
We, your Church Council, thank you in advance for your consideration of our request for assistance. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Kevin W. Kelley
CHLC President/Chairman

Welcome to WELCA!

May Circle Meetings:

Mary Martha – Tuesday, May 14, 7:00 p.m.
Elsie Hayes, Study Leader. Barb Enderle, Hostess.

Lydia Ruth – Wednesday, May 8, 10:00 a.m.
Jeanne Kiser, Study Leader. Norma Erion, Hostess.

Our May Bible study is entitled From generation to generation: Two-way blessings.
We will study intergeneration relationships in the Bible beginning right back in the Garden of Eden! We would love to have you join us.

Donations to Nancy’s Place: On April 1, Anne Saylor delivered many donated items to our women’s shelter at Faith Mission. This included 10 dental items, 9 personal hygiene products, 43 soaps, 18 lotions and 68 hair products. There were also many miscellaneous items including calendars, greeting cards, and scarves to name a few. Thank you for thinking of our sisters in need. We gather items throughout the year so look for the bright pink basket by the front coat rack.

Lutheran Social Services Auxiliary has disbanded. This organization had a long history of supporting Lutheran Social Services since its beginning. There will still be many ways to support the work of LSS, especially through the new Congregation Relations Manager, Ben Powers. He comes to us from Family Promise, a Delaware emergency shelter agency. He is a Nazarene pastor and is excited to get to know all the congregations like ours that actively support LSS.

Ten of our members and friends who cannot make it to church regularly received an Easter goodie bag and visit last month. Many thanks to all who agreed to deliver the gifts and spend some time visiting. Your response to this visitation program is heart-warming and gratefully appreciated. WELCA has instituted three such visitations, one at Christmas, one at Easter, and one during the summer. Thank you!

May 5th is the Central Ohio WELCA Spring Gathering. This year it is at Messiah Lutheran Church, 12 Waggoner Road, Reynoldsburg 43068. The event is from 2-4:00 and will feature singer-songwriter, Jennifer Shaw. She is also an author and mother of six so we look forward to a very interesting program. We will carpool so let a Board member know if you want to go.

The Bake Sale has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 16th. This sale will benefit the solar project for Curran Hospital in Curran, Liberia. Mark your calendars!

WELCA’S cleaning day in April brought out 8 energetic people who cleaned walls, windows, pews and carpets. There is still more to do! Watch announcements for a possible June date.

One generation shall laud your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4