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Pastr Ralph's
Weekly Update
June 14, 2018


Greetings, CHLC family and friends!

This coming Sunday, June 17, is the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. We will hear two parables from Jesus having to do with agriculture - One likens the Kingdom of God to someone who spreads seeds and they grow without any people doing anything about it; the other is about the mustard seed, which grows into a bush that can give many different birds shade. What does this say about the Kingdom of God? You will have to come and find out for yourselves!

It is also Father's Day, and we will honor the Fathers who are still with us and remember those Fathers who we have loved and lost. Through it all, we give thanks for God, the Heavenly Father, who promises to continue to bless us all of our lives.

On June 24 we will have a time of prayer and commissioning during the worship service as 6 of our folks and myself prepare to leave for the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston Texas that following week. Please keep all of us in your prayers for safe travel and an uplifting experience.

Brochures for the trip to Europe in May of 2020 are in the narthex - if you or anyone in your circle of friends or family are interested, please take one. And feel free to ask any questions that might come up.

I will see you in worship!