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Pastor Ralph's
Weekly Update
January 17, 2019


Greetings, CHLC family and friends!

This coming Sunday, January 20, is the Second Sunday after Epiphany. As we continue to hear scripture which make Jesus' power manifest, we focus this week on the first of his miracles or "signs" as they are called in John's Gospel - events in Jesus' life that point us to the glory of God. The Wedding at Cana and Jesus turning water into wine is our Gospel text.

Judy Dill, the mother of a close friend of some folks at Clinton Heights died on Tuesday, and her funeral will be here at Clinton Heights this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. We give thanks for her life and entrust her family and friends into God's comforting care.

With a potentially major storm heading our way this weekend, I will try to keep you informed as to what is happening with our weekend activities - with the community meal, youth lock-in, Sunday school, worship, and catechism, there is a lot going on. If the storm goes north, we could just get rain; if it slides south, we could get dumped on with snow. The middle path, I fear, is the worst scenario with potential one to two inches of ice. Regardless there are predictions of strong winds and frigid temperatures, with blizzard conditions. Evidently tomorrow morning after the storm moves over the Rockies there will be a better idea of what we might get.

I will probably share a special update or two in the next couple of days to keep everyone informed, and above all, please make your safety your primary concern.

All of the annual reports are now submitted and they will be available this coming weekend to be read before the annual meeting January 27.

Finally, with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, we are reminded of God's intention for all people to live in love and peace regardless of race or other classifications that have been the bases for hatred and discrimination over the years. We are reminded that God's intention is not reality, but we hold fast to that vision for this world, and pray and work for reconciliation and healing.

I will see you in worship,